Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Often we are told “forget the past” as if the lessons in the past are irrelevant, as if there is nothing to be learnt, to be understood, to grow and transform from. The past has value individually and collectively. While it should not be used as a tool to stagnantly ruminate there should be a proactive approach to its deconstruction and examination. It should be examined with a critical eye and critical thinking to assess the good and the objectively abhorrent in order to determine the touch stones of encouragement to build our willful ethos to carry forth triumphantly. This is imperative to maintaining and continually cultivating hope that gets us through, up and over; after all, hope is the key to human’s endurance.

“In his words” ---Stop Worrying

Remembering of past victories/triumphs
The Egyptians were so much stronger than the Canaanites and Israel failed to realize God's infinite power that God delivered them from slavery in Egypt and he could easily handle the Canaanites. So why should we worry about the small things when God has worked much bigger miracles in our lives in the past? Let the past victories remind you that you will come out of this current situation and crossover into the land of Canaan as God promised…---Oswald "Ossie" Gould
Oswald GouldDec 18, 1972 - Feb 21, 2015
Took his last bow in this world at 43 years old | Gone too soon....
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  1. What a great and true message! Hugs...RO

  2. Wise words and very well presented. It's also very thought provoking.


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