Tuesday, April 11, 2017


This one is for the MEN.........
We’ve all seen, heard about, or experienced this first hand.
A woman and her man are together, she runs into someone she knows and introduces him to her man or she just says hello. When they walk away here he goes with the 100 questions, “Where do you know him from?” Did you ever talk to him” and on and on. 

A 30 minute conversation ensues because a guy said hello and smiled. You can’t get jealous of every man she comes in contact with, the mechanic, the pharmacist, the doctor, the postman, her coworker. Anyone she’s known before you she had plenty of chances to get with him if she wanted to. 

This is not the movie “Time Cop”, you can’t police her past, present, and future. She’s with you because she wants to be with YOU!!!!

Understand your worth and stand confident and strong in that worthiness.


  1. Agreed. At the same time, it is true vice versa also. If a lady says hello to a man, the lady with than man will have 1000 questions fir for the next one week.

  2. Sorry for the the typos. Partly iPad's fault.

  3. It most of men but these day the woman from other country..not America or Australia. these day had more of house.
    The woman are work had with these have of house with more working these days,
    Happy days with him it must be work hard of all your body in your harts too.


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