Sunday, June 14, 2015

Listening-In His Words

A loving heart and a Listening ear.

In her book listening to others, Joyce Huggett writes about the importance of learning to listen and respond effectively to those in difficult situation. As she relates some of her own experiences of listening to suffering people, she mentions that they often thank her for all she's done for them. "On many occasions," she writes, "I have not 'done' anything. I have 'just listened.' I quickly came to the conclusion that 'just listening' was indeed an effective way of helping others." This was the help Job sought from his friends. While it is true that they sat with him for 7 days in silence, "for they saw that his grief was very great" (Job 2:13), they didn't listen when Job started talking. Instead, they talked and talked but failed to comfort him (Job 16:2). "Oh, that I had one to hear me!" Job cried (Job 31:35).

Listening says, "What matters to you matters to me." Sometimes people do want advice, but often they just want to be listened to by someone who loves and cares about them. Listening is hard work, and it takes time. It takes time to listen long enough to hear the other person's true heart, so that if we do speak, we speak with gentle wisdom.
Oh, Lord, give us a loving heart and a “listening ear.” I cried, and from His holy hill He bowed a listening ear; I called my Father, and my God, and He subdued my fear.
When we are thinking about an answer while others are talking we are not listening.......
Have a bless and productive day.
Oswald Gould
July 9, 2014


  1. hmmmmm......profound indeed, sometimes we are so busy trying to solve the problem(s) that we fail to truly listen thereby missing the emotional and physical guides that gently let us know what to say, in the appropriate time, in the appropriate way or simply to remain in quiet acknowledgement.

    Rest in peace Cous...

  2. This is such a good reminder to listen with your heart. I will try my best to do this. on

    1. Blessings...
      I think its a reminder we can all use so we don't get too stuck in our own stuff that we are inconsiderate of others.

  3. ...When we are thinking about our response when someone is talking, we are not really listening....

    1. True enough, this really made me pause and think about the type of listener I am and whether or not am really and truly listening or just looking to solve the problem.


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