Thursday, July 9, 2015

Take A Break For Rest And Prayer

139 days
4 months, 19 days
19 weeks and 6 days
12,009,600 seconds
200,160 minutes
3336 hours
38.08% of 2015 since his transition to be with the Lord

In His Words.....
Walking a bit through his journey and ...
Stepping waaaaay back....


Not long ago I developed a physical problem. My neck on my right side shoulder was swollen. I had a painful swelling on the right side of my neck, and I had to struggle daily with fatigue. When I finally went to the doctor, I had learned that I had a rear type of cancer, “nasopharyngeal carcinoma." My diagnosis, stage 4 Nasopharyngeal Cancer found at the back of my nostril underneath my brain. The doctor put me on chemo and radiation and said they were not sure whether I will live or die because of the illness.

I had to force myself into a new routine. Eating healthy, taking short naps in the morning and the afternoon, all necessary to give me the strength to be fairly productive until I was cured, I had to pace myself. Rest was vital.

At one point when Jesus sent His representative out to teach in His name, they were so excited with all they were doing that they neglected to take time to eat and rest properly. When they returned, Christ told them: "Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while" (Mark 6:31). 

Everyone needs rest, and if we go too long without it, we will suffer physically and emotionally. We also will be unable to carry out our responsibilities as well as we should.

Is the Lord encouraging you to "come aside.....and rest a while?”  Sometimes a few more rest stops with Him may be necessary.

I come aside from the world of strife, with its burdens, trials, and the cares of life to a beautiful, quiet, restful place where I commune with my Jesus face to face.

To avoid a breakdown, take a break for rest and prayer.........

Have a blessed and productive day
Feeling rested​


  1. I'm adding you to my prayer list immediately! Please take a rest-take heed of everything the dr says. God is bigger than this. God is so much bigger.

    I'm thanking God in advance for your healing!


    1. Blessings and thank you Alieux, Ossie is on Angel duty now guiding us through as we walk our path.

  2. You are healed by the power of The Holy Ghost. God never fails. You will be fine.

    1. Yes God never fails. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
      Ossie is on Angel duty.

  3. I am humbled by the words from this post. Rest and prayer are both important, even Christ thought us so, just as you rightly pointed out.

    As you inspire others, may God give you the strength to pass through this trying times... It is well with you... Amen.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.
      He is with God


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