Saturday, August 15, 2015


It has been
176 days
5 months, 26 days 
25 weeks and 1 day
15,206,400 seconds
253,440 minutes
4224 hours
48.22% of 2015
Since he’s left to be with the Lord, he is in a better place no doubt, though his presence is still missed. Sharing a bit of his thoughts and taking in a bit of his wisdom when he was among us, written July 8, 2014

A friend told me He had recently accomplished one of the things on His "bucket list" (a list of things to Do before you die) when He took His sister to Europe. Although He had traveled there many times, she had never been there. What struck me was the unselfish nature of Having that goal on His "bucket list." It caused me to wonder how many of my dreams and goals are focused on others and not on myself.

(Romans 12:6-21) speaks of God's gifts to us as members of the body of Christ and how we should use them in everyday life. All of them are outward in focus. Teaching, for example, is not for the teacher's self-fulfillment but for the benefit of others, so too with the other gifts mentioned in (Romans 12:6-8). Paul summarized this open-handed approach by urging us to "be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves" (Romans 12:10). Paul exemplified this attitude by including others in His ministry and investing His life in the next generation of believers. Generosity, hospitality, forgiveness, and compassion guided His behavior.

Our goals in life should include giving away the gifts God has given us. Grant us, then, the grace for giving with a spirit large and free, that our life and all our living we may consecrate to Thee.

For a healthier spiritual life, exercise humility and care for others.

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  1. Hey Cous:
    Mom and I spent yesterday morning talking about him and remembering him. Mom said, I can't stop thinking about him and I said we never should. Dealing with the lost of someone you love can be so difficult, the need to stop grieving and move on is there but the desire to never forgot is there, and we always think it's either or but we have to accept that it's okay to do both none trumps the other. Both if them is totally acceptable. There are days when I cry and there are days when I laugh about the dumb things we did as kids and adults. Do you know the last time we got licks when we were growing up was for candle grease? That's a story for another time. I will never forget him. He is in a so much better place.

    1. hmmmmm.....know what you mean. Life dictates that we keep it moving, adjust, readjust and come into acceptance, though I must confess getting there is easier said than done. As natural as death is to breathing it is still a bitter pill to swallow. I am learning that acceptance has many complex levels none of which i need to be resistant to and the best course at least for me is to let it be whatever it is when it shows up however it presents itself on any given day. Acceptance that he is gone, acceptance that he is missed, acceptance that he is always loved, acceptance of the moments when you have to sit and just ruminate take a breath and then as life dictates, keep it moving.


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