Monday, September 7, 2015


We worry
We worry about the day before yesterday, 
We worry about yesterday, 
We worry about today, 
We worry about tomorrow.

Worrying is one of human beings biggest flaws because it gets in the way of vision, progress, living, happiness and contentment. It is THE interruption to BEING.  

I believe the solution to worry is FAITH. Me, I am working on keeping my faith intact as courage in its strength lies not in the impatience of my humanness, it lies in the strength of the holy spirit that dwells in me and on high.

In my quest to hold fast to my faith, to continually triumph over doubt and worry I hold fast to prayer and take comfort in my cousin Ossie's words………God will deliver and ruminate on his thoughts on worry to keep me steadily triumphant. 

Oswald Gould - December 7, 2012
ON ANGEL DUTY: 199 days/54.52% of 2015
The Egyptians were so much stronger than the Canaanites and Israel failed to realize if God delivered them from slavery in Egypt he could easily handle the Canaanites.

So why should we worry about the small things when God has worked much bigger miracles in our lives in the past?

Let the past victories be a reminder that you will rise up and come out of this current situation and cross over into the land of Canaan as God promised.

Do not worry,
God will deliver.

Feeling comforted

We worry. We allow it to cover our knowledge of God's strength, wisdom and power and in doing so saturate ourselves in worry. We need not worry and though it’s easier said than done, make no mistake it can be done.

Just be


  1. May he continue to rest in perfect peace.

  2. Thank you for sharing this *sigh*
    Its sometimes tough to remember when in hard situations.

    May he Rest in peace

    1. You are welcome...
      Peace surrounds....
      Indeed, it is difficult in trying times to keep focus and remember his promise, his words, his deeds.
      thanks for sharing.


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